Preventing Bad Breath


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After getting braces, you may develop bad breath from not cleaning your teeth properly. Bacteria feeds on food particles left in your mouth, and this bacteria creates odor. Because braces contain so many small spaces to trap food, the habits that worked great for cleaning your teeth before braces may no longer be enough. 

It's important to brush immediately after every meal or snack, or to vigorously rinse your teeth with water or mouthwash if you absolutely can't brush. Bad-breath-causing odors and bacteria can also cling to removable orthodontics (like a retainer or clear aligners), so be sure to remove them before eating, even if you're only eating a small amount.

4 Tips to Prevent Bad Breath While Wearing Braces

1. Brush and Floss Often - Follow a strict routine of brushing and flossing regularly. Brush your teeth after breakfast every morning and prior to going to bed at night. Be sure to also floss daily to remove any food particles and buildup of plaque between your teeth.

2. Stay Hydrated - Dehydration is bad for both your overall health and your oral health as it can increase the chances of bad breath greatly. Drink a lot of water every day to keep your mouth constantly clean and moist.

3. Eat the Right Foods - Try to avoid sugary foods as much as possible as they lead to poor dental health which in turn leads to tooth decay and bad breath.

4. Schedule Regular Dental Visits - Scheduling regular dental visits will help you keep any tooth and gum problems at bay as well as to rectify any oral health issues that may be contributing to bad breath or affecting your braces.

For more information on fighting bad breath visit our website or give one of our friendly team members a call...we are here to help.



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