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2 Summer Health Tips for Your Smile

Summer has officially arrived! That means summer vacation, kids are at home and some free time for your family. Summer is the perfect time to schedule orthodontic appointments or to begin orthodontic treatment. Summer can also be a hard time to keep up with oral hygiene routines. According to a nationwide survey by Delta Dental, nearly 30% of parents say summer vacation is the most difficult time to get their children to keep up good oral health.

Here are two tips to help keep your smile and teeth healthy all summer long.

Replace Your Toothbrush - Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3-4 months, so summer is the perfect opportunity to get a new one. A new toothbrush will help you ensure your teeth are being brushed and cleaned properly.

Stock Healthy Snacks - With kids at home and some free time, sugary treats are bound to end up in our diet. Stay ahead of the curve and stock some healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables already cut up and within reach. Additionally, avoid sugary …

Summer Smiles

Orthodontists today can successfully correct most problems regardless of the patient’s age. But that does not mean that the orthodontic treatment starting age does not matter. In fact it may play a significant role in the total time and expenses required for the completion of the orthodontic treatment. Check out a few of our amazing patients this month.

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