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Straighter Smiles Available Online

You may have noticed lately that some online direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies have been making orthodontic treatment sound cheap and easy.  Burch Orthodontics While it may sound great to save money and buy your orthodontic treatment directly online…the reality is you aren’t getting the treatment for less. You are simply purchasing a product and opting out of the many important aspects that make orthodontics work. The money you save today may end up costing you more in future corrective action. Orthodontic treatment is a major medical procedure. This is precisely why orthodontists, like Dr. Heather Burch , are required to undergo extensive training and education before they can begin performing treatments.  Remember…orthodontic treatment is not a product or device. Orthodontic treatment is a professional, medical service. When your care is personally supervised by an orthodontist who is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, you are as