The Clear Choice

Heather K. Burch Orthodontics

Your appearance can make a big difference in your confidence, and a healthy smile is one of the first things people notice. If you have crooked teeth, a bad bite, or other dental challenges, it can even be difficult for you to find the success you want as a professional. And for kids and teens, the discomfort of traditional braces can add to an already stressful school experience.

Dr. Heather Burch is dedicated to creating beautiful smiles with straighter teeth and good bites. One of the orthodontic treatment options offered at Dr. Heather K. Burch Orthodontics, includes Clear Braces. 

Clear Ceramic Braces are perfect for adults looking to improve their smile yet steer clear of any noticeable differences that may draw attention to their mouth. Teenagers that already feel insecure about their smiles don’t want the look of metal braces either.  And while traditional metal braces are effective, most teenagers choose Clear Ceramic Braces over metal braces a majority of the time.

Clear Braces offer our patients the look they want, with all of the functionality of traditional metal brackets. Clear Braces are made of porcelain or ceramic. The brackets are tooth colored and are less noticeable than conventional brackets made of metal because they blend in with the color of your teeth. Their comfortable, sculptured design and attractive translucent appearance help provide the self-confidence that comes from wearing braces that look as good as they perform.

Esthetics are the number one reason for choosing to go clear, and our Clear Ceramic Braces are designed to be discreet. If you have been considering orthodontic treatment, consider Clear Braces. Give our Tallahassee orthodontic office a call to schedule your initial consultation today.


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