COVID19 Update

**Important Information regarding your treatment until the mandate is lifted!**

Good Afternoon to our Burch Orthodontic Family! In the State of Florida, we have been mandated to close until May 8th, 2020. We are asking that our patient's help with this by following our posted link for step by step instructions for At-home troubleshooting for emergencies. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, and are unable to use the video tutorial tools to make yourself comfortable, please call us so that we can assist.

We have put in place new procedures for running virtual check-ins until the mandate has been lifted. We are doing the best we can to reach out to patients individually as their scheduled appointments are interrupted via the email and phone numbers we currently have on file. If you are scheduled this week or the beginning of next week and have not received an Email or Text Message from our office regarding your next visit, please refer to the following instructions:

1. Follow the following link to view a video on how to take diagnostic photos for Dr. Burch.

br /> 2. 2. Upload/Send photos to with Patient's 1st name Initial and Last Name, Birth month to:

(850) 204-2319

3. Dr. Burch will send an email in response to the photos sent. She will review photos, monitor Oral Hygiene, Monitor bite/elastic wear, and discuss plans for your next visit.

*If you would like a virtual video chat appointment with Dr. Burch in addition to your email correspondence, please request a link in your reply to Dr. Burch. She will send you an available appointment time and link to your email provided to virtually connect. Tip: Download FREE GoTo Meeting app from you phone or tablet for easier connection.

We are not rescheduling or cancelling appointments at this time, as we are very hopeful that the mandate will be lifted before May 8th, and we can return to seeing our patients as soon as possible! We will be scheduling virtual appointments on a day-to-day basis, so that if the mandate is lifted tomorrow, we will keep appointments as scheduled.

Thank you all for your continued love and support during these crazy, unprecedented times. We adore each and every one of you, and look forward to seeing you virtually, if not in person, VERY SOON!

❤️Dr. Burch & Staff


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