Manual vs Electric Toothbrush

manual vs electric

It is the big debate among households everywhere, electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush? Chances are you have a preference over which type of toothbrush you are using. However if you have been thinking about switching your toothbrush or validating your choice, one thing we can all agree on is that both are effective at removing plaque and keeping our teeth clean.

Electric Toothbrush: 
Electric toothbrush bristles rotate to help you remove plaque buildup from your teeth and gums. Electric toothbrushes can also be easier for people with limited mobility, people with carpal tunnel, arthritis or developmental disabilities. They also have built in timers, which can be useful to help brush your teeth for at least two minutes. Kids can be more engaged with an electric toothbrush and can help them with their oral hygiene routine.

Some cons of an electric toothbrush may be the inconvenience of switching out the toothbrush head. The specific one can be hard to find. Another con, is the price of an electric toothbrush which can range pretty high, especially for a family.

Manual Toothbrush: 
Manual toothbrushes have been around for a long time and are just as effective at cleaning your teeth. The benefit is the ease of a manual toothbrush. They are affordable and easily accessible. Whether you are traveling, or replacing a new one, a manual toothbrush is the easiest to have.

If your gums or teeth are sensitive, manual toothbrushes have the greatest ability to reduce the pressure while brushing. Both a manual and electric toothbrushes are effective at removing plaque and cleaning teeth.

If your decision is to switch over to an electric toothbrush or stick with your manual toothbrush, the consensus recommendations regardless of which you have is to brush the teeth for two minutes, twice a day. You should also change your toothbrush every 3-4 months, according to the American Dental Association.


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