Spring Smiles

The days are getting warmer and the days are getting longer, spring is in the air and has finally arrived to Tallahassee! Many orthodontists in Tallahassee, Florida can make a straight smile, but we pride ourselves in being more than just ‘smile straighters’. When a parent is making health decisions for their child, many factors are considered.  “Is the doctor trained in the latest techniques and top in her field? Is the staff knowledgeable? At Burch Orthodontics, the answers to all those questions are easily answered yes! What is it that makes us different? We want to know you and your family. We know that if we only care about your teeth, we are missing out on our mission of creating relationships with each and every family.

Check out some of our new spring smiles this month!

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Protect Your Enamel - It’s the Only One You’ve Got

Our mission at Burch Orthodontics is to create lasting relationships with our patients, honoring the trust they have placed with us while creating incredible smiles! Your smile is our number one priority.

Out teeth and gums are essential for more of our health than we sometimes think. One of those health thoughts we often forget is the importance of our tooth enamel. The enamel is the hard, outer surface layer of our teeth that serves to protect against tooth decay. In fact, tooth enamel is considered the hardest mineral substance in your body, even stronger than bone. Your tooth enamel acts as a protection shield against your teeth. There are several actions you can do to prevent enamel damage such as decaying or discoloration.

Preventing enamel decay can be as easy as cutting out or limiting high-acidic foods from your regular diet. High-acidic foods include items such as blueberries, sugar, honey, vinegar, soy sauce, cranberries, and more.  Another thing you can do is remove high …

February Smile Photos

We have the best job in the world at Burch Orthodontics. We see so many smiles transformed into confident, radiant smiles that light up any room. Here are some fantastic smiles.

We create smiles for a lifetime. Schedule a consultation today.

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Braces Friendly Foods for Super Bowl

If you just started treatment at Burch Orthodontics for braces, you may be aware of all the food restrictions because of braces. With holidays and everyday life, finding which foods you can eat and which you should avoid can be tough.

With the Super Bowl around the corner, you may be wondering if you can enjoy a Super Bowl watch party? The answer is of course you can!

First thing’s first, which foods are off limits? Stay off and avoid these types of foods.

Hard nuts, candies, hard fruits (like apples and pears)Hard vegetables (like carrots and corn on the cob)ChipsTaco shellsPizza crustPretzelsSticky stuff like taffy, gum and caramelsFoods high in acidity that could cause discoloration like lemons, limes and sodas.
Superbowl Friendly Foods:

Burger SlidersMashed Potatoes GuacamoleMeatballs Smooth potato saladCole slawSoft TacosIce creamCupcakesCreampiesSoft pastriesSoupsPasta

Dentist vs Orthodontics

If you are beginning to research how to “get straight teeth” or “do I need braces,” a question you may be wondering is, "can my dentist give me braces?" The answer is a big NO! There are major differences between an orthodontist and a dentist. From what a dentist does to what an orthodontist can do.

As Orthodontists we utilize the latest technological advances in the profession to achieve unsurpassed results for our patients. Dentists are mainly concerned with your overall dental health. Dentists treat decayed teeth and remove failed teeth. Dentists look for abnormalities in the mouth and teach patients how to prevent dental disease.

Orthodontists are specialists in training teeth and aligning jaws. Another difference between both dentist and orthodontist, is orthodontist become specialists by completing four years of general dental education in dental school, and then continuing in an accredited program where they study their specific specialty full-time for two or more ye…

3 Healthy Habits to Begin in 2019

Our staff is trained and skilled and each member of our team has years of experience in treating patients with the highest level of care. All of our assistants are Certified Orthodontic Assistants and stay abreast of the very latest in technology and advances by regularly attending continuing education courses and seminars throughout the year. With that said, we love encouraging our patients to create healthy routines and inform them of how to best take care of your teeth.

Here are 3 healthy habits we are encouraging for in 2019

1 - Pledging to Floss More
Floss! Floss! Floss! Of course the best advice is to start flossing if you don’t already. Flossing not only keeps your teeth and gums healthy, it also contributes the health of your overall health such as diabetes and heart disease. Let's all pledge to floss more in 2019.

2. Change your Toothbrush
Changing your toothbrush is an easy step to create a healthy habit in 2019. The American Dental Association, says we should change out …

Our 2018 Smiles

This year has been fantastic and we are so excited to showcase some of our patients amazing smiles. Here are just a few smiles from the year.